Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My mother's uke band
Day 1, Month 2. Tell us about your mother.

My mother is a saint. Really. She is the most spiritual, good hearted person I know.

She is the most spiritual, good hearted woman that most people know.

My mother is the one responsible for inspiring the creative drive that keeps me from sitting on the couch and watching TV every day.

She has such a love of creation that she alters all her clothes. We had the discussion just yesterday, that she had found a cute shirt, but she thought she would like it better without the collar. So she would take the collar off and alter the shirt. I admire her for her stamina and determination to tackle such intimate details.

My mother is responsble for encouraging me to seek artistic and creative outlets. She is the reason that I drag a piano around this world with me, along with my camera, books, sewing machines, and paints.

Because of her, I aspire to participate in all these artistic endeavors. Unfortunately, I want to use the phrase to describe my interests and abilities "jack of all trades, master of none".  But I could never choose one course of interest and give up all the others.

She's amazing. Really. She prays tirelessly for a whole list of people with specific and unnamed requests.

Tireless describes her well. She never gives up or tires of her duties and doing the right thing, then encouraging or inspiring others to do the right thing.

Someone told me today how they were thankful that their grandmother had always encouraged them to stand up straight. She said it bothered her when her grandmother did it, but now she was grateful that her grandmother had cared enough to risk irritating her to improve her posture.

My mother created much irritation in me, encouraging me to stand up straight, hold my shoulders back.

But I'm grateful now for all the encouragement she has patiently and lovingly bestowed upon me.

My mother is my greatest cheerleader. Isn't that the way it is supposed to be?

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