Sunday, February 12, 2012

Future snow resentment possible

This is one of my favorite trees at Desha Ranch.

I love this tree all year long, but especially when there is snow.

Every day for 16 years, I awoke to see this tree overlooking the pond.

When I moved away for a bit, I took a large picture of this tree with me.

I kept it in my bedroom, so that is was the first thing I saw every morning, to remind me of the beauty of the tree.

The reason for my possible upcoming snow resentment has nothing to do with this tree.

Shopping for a picture of snow, I found this picture of the tree.

They are predicting that we may get snow in the morning, ice and freezing rain, sleet, etc.

Being a former school teacher, I am a huge fan of a snow day. Is this a sign of immaturity or what?

Rain, sleet and snow....he just said 6-8 inches somewhere north of Dallas.....I'm north of Dallas.

My husband, the Bear, changed the channel quickly. He hates it when I start anticipating snow days!

The disappointment is always severe, if the weather man is wrong.

Maybe that's why they call it a severe weather warning.

It could produce severe disappointment in those expecting a snow day at the least mention of snow in the forecast.

I'm still being optimistic though! We'll see in the morning!

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