Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Addendum to Lemon Cream Cheese Cake 1989

What was something you taught another person in your family?
I'd like to say that I was responsible for teaching my wonderful son how to love, laugh and be kind.
(By the way, he's 33 today.)
But I don't think it appropriate to take full credit for teaching him how to be the man that he is today.
There was a "village" involved in helping to raise him.
We celebrated his birthday today by going to dinner and then birthday cake at my parents.
"Birthday cake" for both my sons, never involved actual cake.
My son always prefers cheese cake for his dessert of choice on his birthday.
My mother offered to make the cake for tonight, and I suggested she use the recipe of hers, that I loved as a child.
It' s light and airy, not to rich, and not to heavy.
 Lemon Cream Cheese Cake, from my mother's 1989  school cook book.
Well, not exactly.
Mother called me earlier in the day to tell me that the recipe was not correct.
There was no mention of butter or sugar.
How could you cook a dessert without butter or sugar?
She was just stunned that she had committed such a mistake in the cookbook she had compiled.
And to top it off,  with a recipe she submitted and used faithfully.
We looked at the date on the cook book, 1989-1990.
We laughed. I then remembered that I too had had trouble with the recipe in the past.
Evidently, we had neither one of us, corrected the situation in our cookbooks.
I suggested that we write an addendum to the recipe and send it to everyone who purchased the cookbook in 1989. She thought that was rather funny also.
I think at that moment, in her shock and awe at the mistake, she realized that the mistake  just wasn't that important.
So, tonight we cut the cake. Without butter, the graham crackers were simply crumbs.
You had to chew carefully, and not inhale at the same time, or you would choke on the fine crumbs.
We all laughed hysterically.
Tonight was a most wonderful evening!

(Sorry for the picture, I wish it were better, you just can't appreciate the crumbs from here!)

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