Sunday, February 19, 2012

Goodnight weekend and did you see that commercial?

As the sun sets and the moon rises on another weekend, I pause to consider my perspective.

Should I be sad that I didn't accomplish all the things that I wanted to do this weekend? Since my general nature requires me to attempt to fit twice as many tasks into a time slot as is realistic, I'm often left feeling this way at the end of a weekend.

A combination of elements combine to create my present dilemna. Procrastination, attention deficit disorder of the adult variety, unrealistic time management skills, and thinking that I'm superwoman all lead to this feeling of not having acomplished what I intended for the weekend.

Staying true to my attention deficit disorder, I've grown bored with my whining, and would rather talk about the new Dortio commerical I just witnessed.

The grannie in the wheel chair is holding the young child, who is in what looks to be a "johnny jump up" with springs, and the older child in the tree house, is taunting the younger child with the bag of Doritos.

Grannie puts the wheel chiar in reverse, pulls the young boy back till the springs are taut, then sling shots him up into the tree house, where he snatches the Doritos from the older boy. Camera pans back to grannie and toddler eating the doritoes, and older boy stunned by the manuver.

Another jump to gratitude. Thankful today that I had a wonderful time with my grandchildren this weekend, and enjoyed church with my parents and then served dinner to the family. Wonderful day. Wonderful weekend. Goodnight weekend.

Thankful that the rice krispies turned out just fine, and everyone loved them!

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