Wednesday, February 8, 2012


My family that is like a sister is my cousin. She and I were like, as Forrest Gump said "peas and carrots".

But not always. At one time I carried a plastic horse statue, and she a baby doll.

Then when she came to live with her daddy, we grew to have the same interests. Horses mainly.

We lived to ride and ride to live...just like the bikers!

Our horses were in such great shape you couldn't find any flab or fat on them.

We rode in the heat, so hot that we would find ponds and lakes to swim our horses.

We rode in the cold, when we would have to push our hands up under the saddle blanket for warmth, to get the feeling back in our fingers.

After many years, living in different states, seldom speaking in adulthood,  just a phone call can reconnect us like we were never apart.

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