Thursday, February 16, 2012

What a great cashier at the store today

"Treat your family like friends and your friends like family."

A proverb that I'm not familiar with. If everyone were to abide by this proverb, then we would truly be living the golden rule.

What an appropriate prompt for today, when I had already decided that I wanted to write about the cashier at the store today.

As I approached the checkout, she was has just sat down for a break when she saw me. As she got up to wait on me, she mentioned that she was tired and just needed to rest her feet for a spell. I love it when I get the opportunity to use the word "spell". My grandmother used it for numerous occasions and situations.

She rang up my purchases, sacked up my loot, and wished me a good day. As I headed to the door, I spotted the bathroom, and decided to stop in there before completing the 20 minute drive to my home.

Before I could leave the bathroom, she enters, calling "mam". I answer her and she asks if I forgot my picture frames. Evidently, I had. I was so appreciative to her for going out of her way to bring my lost items. She had to walk a good distance, and leave her cash register.

As I walked out of the store, I felt this deep sense of appreciation for opportunity to experience the good in people. Our constant diet of bad news  makes it easy to become so jaded, and we seldom hear about the good things that people do.

I was grateful to experience that warm feeling that there are still very nice people out there!

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