Saturday, February 4, 2012

Keeping critters in your bedroom

It was actually a coke bottle, rather than a milk bottle.

The warm spring weather created an explosion of caterpillars that day.

I loved to catch them, and lay them on my arm and watch them crawl.

Kinda creepy, huh.

My cousin Joey would even let granddaddy long legs crawl all over her head, I couldn't do that!

I was so excited to find so many caterpillars! There were more than I could hold in my hand or keep on my arms.

So I grabbed a coke bottle, and began dropping them down into it, one by one.

There were so many of them, that it was beginning to get a little crowded. I was so thrilled to have found so many caterpillars!

I felt a little sorry for them, there were so many of them crammed into that small coca cola glass bottle.

My mother calls me into the house for supper.

I decided to add  something natural for them to crawl on, so I added a few blades of grass and a stick.

I rush into the house and hurry back to my room with the bottle of caterpillars. I place them on my dresser, close the door.

Later, after supper, my mother enters my room to find caterpillars crawling everywhere.

There on the dresser sat the empty coke bottle with a stick coming out the top.

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