Saturday, February 18, 2012

Food Blogging, what not to do

Maybe I should focus my blog on what not to do when cooking. I've managed to raise two large boys, and keep my husband fed, and I'm certainly not missing any meals.

But I'm not a very good cook. I can make some very tasty and fulfilling dishes, but I'm not consistent, and would rather wash dishes than cook.

My husband, the Bear, has suggested that I take a cooking class at the local community college.

He's missing the point. I really like to eat, but would rather eat someone else's cooking.

He doesn't believe in the saying you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Part of my problem may be my attention span, and tendency to multi-task.

If I have to wait on something to cook very long, I lose interest or rather get interested in other tasks.

Then things go wrong from there, I may let something get burned, or my timing gets off, and meal coordination goes astray.

One of my largest character defects, and most exhausting is what my husband  refers to as "trying to fit 10 lbs. of poop in a 5 gallon bucket".

My task tonight was to make some simple marshmallow rice krispie treats for the grandchildren.

I just didn't choose a large enough bowl. I'm regretful that I didn't get pictures of my mess.

My bowl was overflowing with rice krispies covered in buttery melted marshmallows.

My hands were covered with the same mess, and I had to call for reinforcement from the Bear to locate a larger bowl before the whole mess became hardened.

He laughed mightily at me, as I ran to the sink to thrust both my hands into the dish water to get the sticky goo off.

The treats did make it to the dish and I'll be serving them to my grandchildren soon!

It worked, but not without some trauma and drama.


  1. I'm sure the Grandkids loved them!! :)

  2. He's missing the point. I really like to eat, but would rather eat someone else's cooking.

    Exactly, LOL!

    Looks like the treats turned out just fine in the end. :)