Thursday, February 23, 2012

Familiar problems

Talk about a problem that seemed big at the time, but now that it has resolved seems much smaller.

Problems with unfamiliar elements always create this effect in my mind.

Problems awaiting a solution are the same way.  I have many stories relating to this topic hidden away in my memory.

Looking at the beautiful evening sky, I raced to get my camera. My photo doesn't do the sky justice, though I still think it's a beautiful picture.

There was a time, during my first month of blogging in January, that I felt that looming feeling of a large problem when I wanted to load my photos onto my computer to use in my blog.

 I learned how to use the software and became familiar with the process. I practice the process several days a week.

Now the previous problem of loading the pictures, isn't the large problem it was before. Even though it's not my favorite thing to do, it's a small, familiar problem now.

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