Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dixie loves her Kitty in pictures

Dixie Doo waiting for her Kitty.
Does this really count as blogging?
You know, I'm watching the Oscars tonight!

This is Kitty. Isn't she lovely?
What long eyelashes she has!
With the right hat, those whiskers will really standout.

Here we have Dixie giving the Kitty some love.
Dixie loves her Kitty, but it makes me nervous when she loves on the Kitty.
I'm afraid she'll be a little over zealous.
But the Kitty always manages to come out unscathed.


  1. Dixie and Kitty are both beautiful. And if Kitty didn't enjoy Dixie's way of showing love, she wouldn't wait around for it. She'd disappear as soon as Dixie hove into view. They must give you so much joy. I love them already.

    1. Oh thank you! Yes, everyone loves Dixie Doo, but few people know about Kitty. She's very private. I'll have to share that story in the future.