Monday, February 6, 2012

Big Daddy

The prompt today is to write about a grandparent. I had four wonderful, unique individuals for grandparents that each deserve their own story

I chose this picture of my father (on the left),  and his cousin to illustrate my paternal grandfather, for lack of a picture at this time. 

My grandfather, forever after referred to as Big Daddy was a large, colorful figure in our lives.

It's been 41 years since I last saw him, but he remains a fixture in the life of our family.

Big Daddy lived just a block from a small, and I mean small, neighborhood grocery store. Mrs. Madison's store.

When I stayed with my grandparents, Big Daddy would always give me money to go to Mrs. Madison's store after lunch to buy candy.

He was always so generous. A nickel and a couple of pennies would buy me a sack of candy to last the rest of the afternoon, until my parents came to get me.

No one else ever gave me as much money to go to the store as my Big Daddy.

I used to drive him crazy by digging holes in the yard, under the only tree in the yard with a large spoon borrowed from the kitchen.

Maybe he sent me to Mrs. Madison's for candy to keep me from digging up his tree!

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