Thursday, February 2, 2012

The writing prompt today is to write about your father. 
I must tell of the wonderful gifts of my heavenly Father today. I chose this picture because it was all I could find to accompany or explain what I experienced today.

Then I wrote the writing prompt, and then I got the alignment messed up.

 And then I liked how the writing prompt coincided with the photo.

Back to what happened today.

A student slash employee I have been acquainted with since I was her fourth grade teacher, unfortunately lost a small fortune recently due to thefts in her neighborhood.

All co-workers were concerned and wanted to help, as the stolen money was grant and loan money she was dependent on to finish her undergrad degree.

We began collecting funds to assist her with the loss, knowing that we could never collect enough to replace the amount she had lost.

A generous amount of money was collected, but still a fraction of what she had lost.

Then a woman came forth that wanted to donate the difference between what we had collected and what was lost.

She and her husband had a sum of money designated to help someone. A sum, inherited by a son from his mother.

He made a very generous fatherly decision to bless this student with the gift from his mother.

Many tears of joy, appreciation and gratitude were shed from all involved. This was so apparently a gift from a more lofty father, that no one could deny.

Everyone was blessed.


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    1. Yes, Marcy, it was an incredible event, leaving us all in awe!