Friday, February 10, 2012

Mind Your Own Dog

The writing prompt today is about living close to relatives.

Much to my son's dismay I'm sure, my husband and I relocated back to our farm.

My son lives there, and we live a short distance away.

I really try not to call him when I see him leaving, to ask him what he's doing, or where he's going.

He doesn't like it when I do that.

That's just one of the the things I do, that annoys my close relative.

One day, I took my mother to his house to see his dog's litter of puppies.

The puppies were SO cute! They were in a pen, and their mother was outside the pen.

Oh, and did the poor momma look like she needed to feed her puppies!

So my mother and I had the bright idea that we would let momma in the pen to feed the puppies.

This would really save my son some time when he came home from his job. Now he wouldn't have to feed the puppies!

We were about to drive off, when my son pulled up in the drive way. How happy I was to tell him that we had saved him some time that evening, by letting the mother dog into feed her puppies!

That's when he said that he was weaning the puppies, and I needed to go on back to my house and

"mind my own dog".


  1. Perhaps it's a good thing that my kids and I are separated by 50 miles. Good for them, that is. I am sure I would be more of a pop-in Mom if we lived closer.

    1. Yes, it takes alot of control not to pop-in as often as I'd like!