Sunday, May 20, 2012

Afternoon under the shade tree

Here sits Dixie under the very large, very perfect oak tree, that we refer to as Jesse's tree. You can see the large area of shade ending in the very bright sunlight. It was a hot day. I decided to work on cutting the thorns out from under the tree this afternoon, and Dixie or Dickety Doo, made every step right behind me.
I tried the black and white version. Not sure which I like better. Maybe the color photo. So we call it Jesse's tree after my son, whom we lost ten years ago this coming August. He loved this tree, and would often come sit under the tree. I have pictures of him in front of this tree.
As I was cutting the thorn bushes down under Jesse's tree, I heard a Waylon Jennings song come on the radio. It was not turned up nearly loud enough. So as I walked to the truck, I stepped over a rusty pipe wrench. Probably one of my son's tools. What a gift for me. To find something of his under his favorite tree.
And then before I left, this most beautiful butterly appeared.