Sunday, January 29, 2012

What an eventful and productive weekend! This is my husband, the Bear, preparing the burn pile pre-brush clearing.

He's quite the fire starter and is very successful burning brush piles.

He's also very cautious and careful with his fires, unlike myself, my father and my brother.

I come from a long line of fire starters. I started to say careless fire starters, but that's not the case. Maybe overly ambitious and not totally realistic would describe them?

There are numerous family fire stories to relate, probably more than anyone would want to read.

 Uncle Willie  accidentally burned the entire West We Go subdivision in the 70's. Thank goodness it was only subdivided without houses, but it was quite a fire!

My father once set our house on fire, purely by accident.

But my brother has topped us all. We think he may have used the newspaper declaring a fire ban in the county to start the fire. The wind took the fire away from his control, and required airplanes and bulldozers to contain.

This is the Bear's clearing at the end of the day.

Notice the fire never escaped the original fire pit, and it's still smoldering.

I mentioned eventful, but it had nothing to do with the fire department this weekend.

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