Monday, February 27, 2012

Why a solid quarter?

2006 Quarter Proof.png

What is something you learned from someone else?

When I taught elementary school, I learned many things from my students.

One of my favorite quotes was "what they tell me at horse school, don't never stop running".

I also learned what a solid quarter was.  Of course you know too.

A solid quarter versus several coins equaling a quarter.

I could never quite convince one young man that two dimes and a nickle were just as valuable as a "solid" quarter.

Likewise, he was unable to explain to me, why he preferred one coin over several.

Maybe it is the size of the coin that was of importance to him.

Today, his request for a solid quarter rather than change, came to mind as we were discussing the weekend card game winnings of a friend.

So I polled a couple of people, and one suggested that maybe you had to have "solid" quarters to buy bus tokens.

Could that be the answer to the insistence on a solid quarter?

If you know of other reasons for a preference for solid quarters, please let me know.

Sometimes the most simple things escape me.

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