Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Would you rather have it be very cold or very hot outside?
It is easier for me to get outside and be active when it is hot. I love the outdoors and all the activities that go along with the outdoors. When it's warm outside, we stay outside until late in the evening, and then once we get inside the house and get cleaned up and fix something to eat, then it's almost time to go to bed. Warm weather will make it difficult for me to get to the computer to blog.
I'll post pictures later of our garden project that we worked on today.


  1. A lot of people thrive in warm weather. I am just the opposite since I have terrible allergies and the tendency for heat stroke, it is just not that great for me when it gets really hot. I prefer the cold brisk air of winter. Just an odd bird I guess. :D


    1. Though I love the warm weather, I'm tortured by teh allergies too! No, you're no odd bird, nothing wrong with the cold weather either!

  2. i prefer hot! I'm always cold here in S.F., and it makes it so nothing ever heats up enough for you to smell it, so you don't get those olfactory cues you do in warmer places, the kind that trigger and/or create memories. I would kill for some hot weather! We usually get two days in May, I can't wait! :)