Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snow Resentment

How do you feel about snow?
I have a snow resentment this year. This is about the greatest accumulation we had in our area.
I managed to get a snow day off work, but it didn't last very long, and there just wasn't enough to have fun with. The wild life and livestock appreciated it, I'm sure. But I'm always wishing for some good snow every year, I guess because we only have a little snow occasionally.

I like to stay home and not go anywhere. If I don't have to work, my goal is to stay at home as much as possible. So to have a snow day, and be "trapped" in the house, is bliss for me! Where I come from, since we don't have much snow, we don't drive very well on snow or ice. And we tend to get more ice than snow usually.

Bear laughs at me and says that I have a "snow resentment" when we have snow forecast, and then it doesn't snow enough to miss work. He says that I'm worse than the kids. He might be right!

Now the winter before last, we had several good snows of several inches. It was just lovely here.
Love this tree. It stands outside the bedroom window of the old farm house, overlooking the pond.
Another great scene from the old farm house.
Love this barn in the winter! Love this barn in the summer!
Here the cow girls line up to eat hay and try to stay warm during the snow.
This is a scene from where I work. Can you believe I had to go to work with this much snow on this bank? This reminded me of a Bev Doolittle painting. There's nothing "camouflaged" in this shot.
Was nice to remember my snow memories, especially on the eve of an 80 degree day ahead!
Thank you!


  1. I'm a knitter. This winter has been too mild for a knitter. Who feels like knitting hats and scarves and mittens when it doesn't even go below freezing? Odd weather for NJ.
    Even though I am retired and can stay in my house (which I like to do too) every day if I want to, there is something about being "trapped" by snow that makes feels safe and cozy.
    I love the old barn.

    1. I'd like to learn to knit one day. I've just started crotching again. I love to sit inside when it's cold and do things like that too!
      Yes, the weather has been odd for everyone this year, I think. So, you typically get alot of snow then?
      Yes, I love that "trapped" feeling!!! It is a good feeling!
      Thank you, yes, I love old barns!

  2. This has been a weird year for weather. Here in Indiana we didn't see a whole lot of snow which is really unusual and saw temps soaring into the 80's in March! I love to burrow in with a good book, or to crochet while watching movies when it is all snowy outside.