Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gardening apron

The fabulous apron my friend Miki made for my birthday last month.
I love the horses and the black rick rack around the edge!
But best of all, is the large area inside the two pockets to carry garden produce!
 Now I won't have to roll my shirt up and use if to carry veggies from the garden to the house, if I forget to carry a basket.
I love to center my text under my photos. Is this wrong? Since this is not poetry?
This is the other apron she made also. It has all the colors of my house.
She is so talented. She also cooks and bakes.
She's often wanted to have a restaurant or write a cook book.
And she can sew too!
I have such talented friends!
I stopped by the race track one morning this week to see the horses gallop.
The Bear stopped and let me take this photo at the gas station.
One of the two new babies born this week. They're growing, running and follwoing the herd already.


  1. Your aprons are so CUTE! Love them! Great pictures, I am so glad you shared them!


    1. Thank you! I love the horse apron! My friend is encouraged by my desire to to cook and bake more, so she made me aprons!

  2. Gawd, it is gorgeous where you are. That is the kind of landscape I always dreamt I'd be living in. I will only be able to maintain this city slicker thing for a couple more years. You are so lucky! Those are fantastic aprons, too!

    1. Yes, I'm blessed to be here. I moved away for 5 years, but have come back recently. I couldn't stand being away from here. It's home. I sometimes think I'd love the city life also, but I know I couldn't maintain very long. I'm just a country girl at heart! Yes, aren't my aprons fabulous? My friend is so talented! I can't wait to use the one in the garden!

  3. The aprons are neat. But what is even neater is the thought of being able to pick and carry garden goodies. I too, like to center text under photos. Maybe we'll start a trend.
    The pics are great.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I'm excited about being able to wear the horse apron to the graden and carry veggies!
      Yes, I read in a blog that someone else liked centering text, but that it was for poetry, and so they stopped. I'm not ready to stop yet. We'll keep doing it because we like it!