Sunday, March 11, 2012

Family and friend's handiwork

For fear of focusing too much on myself, and failing to include my family and friends enough in my blog, I'm sharing their wonderful handiwork today.
 My husband, the Bear, is a brick mason. 
My son, I haven't named him yet,  I still call him by his father's name, is a carpenter.
I always put way too much emphasis on naming children and pets.
I didn't want to be responsible, if they weren't happy with the name later on.
Back to my focus today.
The Bear, and the un-named son, are working on this project together.
Beautiful rock work! What a kitchen this will be!
I don't know if you can see the old barn beam above the bay window nook.
It's absolutely gorgeous also.

There's that beam again. I just love old barn lumber!
There's lots more rock in this house. I'll get more pictures and keep you updated.
There's going to be lots more barn wood also. I'll keep up with that too!

This is my sweet, baby grandson's painting. His Mean Grannie sketched the outline of the horse and he painted it.

Mean Grannie should have chosen a little thicker paper, as the the moisture in the paint really wrinkled up the paper. But I love it anyway!

This is my sweet, older grandson's cartoon drawing and painting.
He's quite adept at looking at drawings and then recreating them!
His grandfather was quite an artist.

I think they're both rather talented!

These are the craft of my precious friend Colleen. She is so talented, she can just learn to do anything! 

 As you can see, I'm completely surrounded by smart, talented people!


  1. There is a lot of talent at your house. The rock work looks amazing!!


    1. Yes, I'm blessed to have such skilled people in y life and I'm very proud of them!

  2. (I might have double posted a comment - not quite sure what's happening)

    My baking is relatively okay, but given some of my sloppiness, I know that a dream skill of working on my home by doing brick work or construction is really something I shouldn't pursue. The room looks great!

    1. Thank you Elise! I was so proud of their work! Yeah, sloppiness, that's the most accurate term to describe my general cooking and baking level! I manage, and I've not poisioned anyone! And I love to eat!

  3. Oh, Love the rock work and the bay window! I've always wanted a window like that! The kids artwork is great too. How fun it must be to have them around. Love the potholders too. You certainly are surrounded by talent but I know that you are talented also. I love your poetry.

    Donna @mygardenblue

  4. Thank you. I've not written poetry since I was in school, but it's kinda fun! I have alot of interests in art and Yes, I'd love that bay window at my house too! My husband and son doing that job for someone.
    My husband, the Bear, just asked me what I was doing, and I told him responding to someone in AK. He asked me to ask you if it is cold....hahahaa..:)