Friday, March 9, 2012

My history in the photograph

Would you rather lose your blog or lose your photographs? 
See that sweet face?
My goodness, I'd almost have to laugh, 
I'll gladly retrace,
My history in the photograph.

I don't mean to scoff,
there are so many memorable blogs around,
this little blog just took off,
but hardly makes a sound.

To chose one over the other,
there would have to be no doubt.
For me,  photos of father and mother,
Children and friends, are what it's about.


  1. I love your poem. I agree too. I'd hate to lose my blog too since I've been writing there for several years now but nothing is more important than my pictures other than the actually people they represent.

  2. Thank you! I know if I had been blogging for several years, it wouldn't have been such an easy choice! I'm trying to keep this fun for me, and rather light hearted, but I do have some content that is dear to my heart already. Thank you for your comment!