Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I know I'll win that mixer drectly!

Whether or no" is an archaic way of saying "regardless." Talk about a different archaic phrase you know.

So I knew the word I'd use. I've always been fascinated with this word. I suspect that the meaning of this word evolved into something else, other than the original meaning or implication. My mema, who I credit with so much of my southern mannerisms, language and superstitions, taught me this word.

She would say, "I'll cook you sum chicken in dumplins drectly".

I was an adult before I figured out that this word, drectly (two syllables), was actually directly (a three syllable word). It was used to indicate that something would happen soon or in the near future. Once I discovered that it probably originated from the word directly, then the definition that I had contrived in my head, didn't fit anymore.

Though I discovered the truth behind the language of my ancestors, I continue to use that word as my mema would, every chance I get and a few others too!

You could mosey on over to that pioneer woman's site and sign up to win this fabulous mixer! I have already blogged about wanting this mixer last week, and now she's giving away three of them. Isn't it a beautiful machine? It just takes my breath away!
Day two of my venture outside to enjoy the fresh air, led me back to the green pastures. The cows are getting really happy because the grass is getting so green. See the new baby on the shaky legs? He was born yesterday and he's still learning to stand and walk.
The Bear helped me work on my weedy garden. We pulled some weeds and discussed the plan to get all the weeds out of the bed drectly. I'm wanting to plant some snow peas, but am afraid that I've waited a little too late already. But I'll probably put them out this weekend anyway. I'll let you know.

Then the day closes, as the clouds pass over Jessie's tree. This is the tree we refer to as my son's tree. Some of the last pictures I have of him are in front of this tree.


  1. I love this post. It reminds me of my mama. She used to say a lot of things but my favorite is when she would say something bright was "loud". I use that a lot and people look at me like I'm crazy. I sure miss her. I love snow peas. I've grown them a few years now here in Alaska and they are always my best crop. I love your tree (hugs) Here in Ak all the trees are the straight and tall type.

    1. Thank you! Isn't it funny how people adopt their own way of speaking that confuses others! I heard something about the language in Britian in relation to the Olympics, that the locals on the east end, where the games will be held speak Cockney rhyming slang, and that even english speakers will have trouble communicating with them.
      Your "loud" makes me think of something else my grandmother used to say, if you were too thin, she's say you were "poor". I'm pretty sure that's a livestock term.
      Oh, I love snow peas too! Yes, I bet snow peas are your best crop in Alaska!!! So are you from AK? Yes, love our trees here!!! I actually lost a large one out in front of the house today. It was raining so hard, and the ground was saturated, and it just fell over. I'll post a picture later.