Friday, March 16, 2012


Discuss the word doubt.
This is another word that I'd like to add to the archaic list from yesterday's writing prompts.
Not that it is archaic, but a word with a negative connotation.
I can definitely add it to a list of words that I doubt I'll frequently use much anymore.
Now I think I'll see how often I can use the word.
Doubt is a word I associate with little faith or trust.
There were times in my life when my thoughts were consumed with doubt and fear.
Situations when I was trying to achieve an outcome of my own, doubtful of trusting anyone else.

I'm really doubtful that I can share much more tonight. I'm over extended, and it's "past my bedtime".
Let's put our fears and doubts away for the night!


  1. It is a negative word and it would be really nice if no one ever had to be in doubt.


  2. That's exactly what I think too Kathy! Thank you!