Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My faithful "reader" Dixie Doo

Would you rather have more blog readers or more blog comments?
I think I would prefer more blog readers to more comments.
It would be similar to having secret admirers, wouldn't it? 
I'd like readers to leave my blog with a thought provoking idea.
Maybe go out and make a difference in some one's life. Change the world.
Or become interested in blogging.
Maybe participate more in the kitchen because of the inspiration received from the awesome food blogs out there.
Preferring blog readers over blog comments, could mean that I prefer one sided conversations.
This reminds me of my relationship with Dixie Doo. She's always so glad to see me and listens intently to whatever I say. She encourages me silently.
I appreciate the comments and encouragement I've gotten so far.
I often wonder why I'm participating in daily blogging. Is it for the comments, readers, to improve my writing and/or document part of my life?
I began with the idea I'd document interesting and memorable events in my life.
Then I got started with the daily writing prompts. Which leads to reading other's blogs.
 Reading other blogs leads to noticing how talented and popular many of the bloggers are. Then I notice all the other bloggers' readers and comments. And then I desire more comments too. Then I fear criticism. What a vicious cycle this could be.


  1. It is a difficult question isn't it?! It's fun getting more readers, but without any feedback, I never really know what to think and I don't really get to meet anyone. Dixie Doo must wag her tail or raise her eyes or start scouting out for food - at least mine does. I've been starting to use the sparkle buttons on blogher to at least give a thumbs up when I really like a post.

  2. Yes, such a difficult question! I think this question is more like a "chicken or egg" question. I must say, I've gotten more comments this week, and it is interesting to interact and check out their blogs and get to know them! Yes, Dixie was on point this morning, peeking in the glass door, just inviting me to come and play. Or maybe she just wanted to be fed! I'll check out the sparkle buttons. Thank you for telling me about them. There are so many things I don't know about this. I'm not even very technical, so just to have this blog up and running is amazing to me! Again, thank you for your comments! I look forward to getting to know you!