Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Decision of the day

What is something you recently made a decision about?
Today I made a decision about my house.
Or should I say the condition of my house.
My grandsons were here spending the day again with their grannie.
While they played basketball outside, before the rain, I did a little cleaning.
It wouldn't have taken much to finish it off and do the floors.
But I just couldn't get into house cleaning with my guys at home with me.
Besides, on several occasions, I would look up and the
 little one would be eating cookies on the couch.
So, I decided to continue to look at the fireplace ashes, the dust bunnies on the floor, and that annoying feather. It must have come from the pillow on the couch. Boy, it annoys me.
But I've made the decision, I'm not dust mopping the floor until after the boys leave.
So we watched a movie and took a little rest after lunch.
Then our plan was to go the YMCA and play a little basketball.
There my two guys are. They ran and shot baskets for almost an hour.
They were totally red in the face and sweaty after the hour.

Then it was time to go swimming.
See their two little heads bobbing down there at the end of the pool? 

This was about the third or fourth time we've gone to the YMCA since the beginning of this year.
We don't often get the chance to go, so it was a really great day for them and for me.
I enjoyed seeing them having such a great time in a such a wonderful atmosphere.
I love the YMCA.
Meanwhile, my floors can wait until another day!


  1. I think you made the best choice. Cleaning can always wait for memories to be made. Sounds like you had fun!!


    1. Yes, we're making memories, and those are so much better than a clean house! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. A smart choice indeed! I remember deciding not to attempt cleaning after my kids went to bed the evening before a trip. I really wanted the house clean, but the battle of cleaning the messes is ongoing. Postponing it till after bedtime made a later night for me, but such a better afternoon and evening for us. You pretty much rock as a grandma.

    1. Yes, I like to leave my house clean when going on a trip! I have a friend that always had to clean her house like that anytime she left. She seriously mopped her way out the door! She's beter now. She recognized her OCD, or maybe it was the divorce!? Thank you for stopping by!