Monday, March 26, 2012

Where it begins

How do you feel about rain?
I feel very passionate about rain.
But not very vocal tonight.
The Bear says I wasn't too passionate about the rain when it rained all through my Spring Break.
But I didn't complain.
I really didn't mind.
I felt like the rain was so needed, and it washed some of the nasty yellow pollen away.
It nourished the green grass and the trees.
There's been so little of it the last few years.
I try to never complain or criticize inconvenience of the rain.

I love a wide open space, where you can see the rain travel across the horizon.
There's nothing better than to see it coming.
I have one memory of being caught in the rain on horseback.
I was on the back of the property, and could see the rain approaching me.
I know why they call it driving rain and sheets of rain.
That's how it falls, in sheets, when you can see where it begins and ends.
I'll never forget that experience.

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