Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pencils, guaranteed to change your mood

Would you rather stay or go?

I looked at the writing prompt earlier today. I like to have a little time to contemplate the topic.
Is this legal? Does anyone else do this also?
Immediately, I considered the literal interpretation in connection with my physical location.
I'll not say what I thought at that time.
It is usually a good thing when I don't act on my first thoughts. Or write about them either.
So I'm visiting with students, and handing out pencils.
Not just any ordinary pencils.
These are heat sensitive pencils, or as I refer to them, mood pencils.
They are actually pretty interesting pencils. When you hold them, they change colors.
Two purple pencils, see the bright pink on the one that I was holding?
Might help if I had taken a little closer shot, huh?

The pencils were quite a hit with this crowd. As I was visiting with a group of girls, and they were musing over the mood pencils, I over heard one girl ask another if it would change your mood.

I told her that of course, a pencil could change your mood!

A pencil and paper, if used, are capable of changing your mood, your attitude and your general well being. From my experience, anytime that I journal about my feelings or situations, I come away with a changed perspective. I usually write until I have the answers I need.

This is when I correlated the topic of "stay or go" with the pencils and the blog.
I think I'll stay.
I'm halfway through my third month of blogging. I appreciate the daily discipline. I feel like my writing is improving somewhat. I like some of the things I've written. I enjoy reading others' blogs and making new friends.


  1. What awesome pencils!! I have never seen pencils like that before. My kids would think they were so cool. Great post!!


    1. Yes they are awesome pencils!! The kids loved them! Thank you!

  2. I liked the clever way you incorporated a writing theme into the "stay or go" question.
    Even though I don't use a pencil to write my blog, I could use one of those mood pencils when I am writing my shopping list to determine if I am in the mood to stay home or go food shopping.

  3. Thank you. Yes, I don't use a pencil much anymore at all, except to sketch. I wanted to use the pencil as a symbol of conveying my thoughts. Are people ever really in a mood to go food shopping as opposed to staying home? :)