Monday, January 9, 2012

Update on the stump

Ok, so I didn't blog yesterday. I was punishing my husband, and it hurt me alot worse than it did him!
We were having a spat, and I told him I would just quit blogging, since it bothered him. He told me I didn't have to, but he knew that my free time was already pretty much non-existent.

So, onto the update on that stump. I have a forthcoming picture update also. It's amazing how stubborn a 150 year old stump can be. So it's been burning for three days now, and still hasn't given up and burned to the ground.

As I sit and watch it burn, I conider that this tree has been standing since my parents were conceived, and throughout their whole life time. Maybe even my grandparents, as I'm not sure how old the tree is, I just know it's big.

It's only fitting that it should take several days to extinguish the trees existence by fire. I'm glad to know that 100-150 years can't be so eaisly erased from this earth. I'll keep you updated, it may still be burning by next weekend.

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