Thursday, January 5, 2012

The hardest part of beginnings.

The most difficult part of beginning anything has to be the  first movement toward action. Realization and contemplation, the thinking phase of beginning is the easiest. But to actually begin the process of beginning something, has to be the most difficult for me. I read other's posts and blogs, I love what I'm reading, I want to write, I've committed to writing for 30 days, yet I've not been motivated to write quite yet. I'm using the prompts provided, but just can't quite get into the spirit. I'm determined to continue to come here, to my very own blog spot, unfinished as it is, and keep on writing at least a paragraph daily. Hoping to have something inspiring or just the least bit interesting to others to contribute.


  1. I heard/read from a pro-writer once that s/he would write everyday even if it was just rambling just to stay in the habit and to let out whatever was in his/her head.

    Keep at it.

  2. Thank you a.eye for the encouragement! I'll continue to "act as if" I'm a writer!!!