Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friday's post was to blog about your first love. I've pondered this question for a few days now, I've not been able to blog, too many chores at home.

There is no doubt that my first love is horses. Previously I wrote about learning to write, the first word I wrote was a race horse name. Blue jacket.

 I still have the book with the childish scrawl, Blue jacket. I think the horse's name was actually Yellow jacket.

But I think the way the story actually went was that I wanted to be a horse, and I wanted a name.

 So my father gave me my own  name, similar to the race horse, but unique to me. I must have been wearing a blue jacket.

 I've always been intrigued by race horse names.

For a considerable amount of my young life, I wanted to be a horse. I nickered and neighed, pawed the ground, and the only gait I had was a gallop.


  1. Holly, the perfect first love is horses. I used to have a horse book that I would look at every day. When the magic time came for my horse to be born my 7th grade year, I thought I was in heaven on earth. Yay for youth, first loves and horses!

    ~ Red Dirt Kelly

    1. Kelly, Yes, I so agree with you! The perfect first love is horses! Yeah, good times!

  2. Kelly, I so agree!!!! There was no question as to my first love!