Friday, January 6, 2012

Everything is as it should be

Everything is as it should be. I have begun reading the daily prompt early in the day, then contemplating what I will write. I most frequently don't have much time to concentrate on what I will write about.

Taking the time to sit down and write at the computer has been the last thing on my list of activities during the day and evening. Tonight has found me particularly tired, and it's "way past my bedtime", but I had to stay up to see the Razorbacks win the Cotton Bowl! WPS!

I completed this post last night at an hour I don't usually see. Then lost the second half of my post when my Internet went down. This also happened to me the very first night that I wrote, and it was a good thing that my writing vanished that night, because all I had managed to do was complain! Just another example of God doing for me, what I couldn't do for myself. I didn't want to start out on the wrong foot!

The writing prompt asked is we wished the start of the year in a different season. I contemplated that concept, considered spring time, as the only other possible option. Spring initiates new growth and a new growing season, so if I had to choose a different start for the new year, that would be my choice.

I'm committed in the belief that there is a larger plan in the universe, and that the seasons and yearly calendar are as they should be. It's only fitting that the new year begins in the dark and dormant time of the year, as the earth prepares for the coming spring and new growth.

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