Saturday, January 7, 2012

Meet Dixie. She's also know as Dixie Doo, Dix, Dickie Doo or Dicker Doo. Dixie has issues. She came to DeSha Ranch as a young pup who had never been held and petted. She loves her new home, but it took her awhile to allow anyone to pet her. Dixie had a good day today. We spent the day cutting firewood, and being out doors. She loves it when we spend the day with her. She expects me to spend every day with her and is disappointed when I go to work.
This is the leftovers from the fire wood cutting today. Now I don't like to cut live trees, this one was dead and hollow in the center.  Better than therapy for me to be outside with Dixie and my husband cutting wood and burning stuff! I'll have to relay the family "fire bug" history later.

 My sweet husband brought me a present today, a new weed eater! And it's an easy start too! That means I can start it all by myself without his assistance. I know everyone would like to have one too! Maybe Dixie is not the only one with issues!

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