Thursday, June 14, 2012

What a beautiful night for a sled ride!

We finally received some rain. We have been in dire need of rain on our lawns, gardens and pastures. All the grass is brown, and the roadways have been catching fire nearly every day. Then it rained. We were so blessed. We got about three inches. This also gave me the opportunity to move some thorn bushes that had been cut down to a burn pile to burn, since we got some rain. We've been under a burn ban for awhile. This is my low budget operation to transport these thorns to a suitable place to burn them. Drag a 16 foot 'cattle panel' behind the four wheeler, and pile thorn bushes on the panel, then drag to the fire. The Bear actually thought of this idea. It wasn't without glitches, but after a few minor adjustments, it worked just fine.
Here are the thorns after their sled ride to the fire! I heard a piece on NPR about someone had invented a competitive sport of eradicating some vine (probably Kudzu) in some southern state. I must think up something like that to get rid of these thorns. We've let them go for several years, and they are threatening to take over.
This is the worst lightening strike I've ever witnessed. It blew the top of this tree all apart and shredded  the trunk down to the ground. See how far the large pieces were blown away from the trunk. There are even large pieces of the trunk hanging in trees.
Mr. Green Snake. He is very large for a green snake.

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