Saturday, June 2, 2012

Another shady day

I try to stay out of the sun. But I love to get out and work. So I spent a little time today under another of my favorite trees on our place. This is an old hackberry. A large tree, with hugh limbs. Though it's rather large, it's not very sturdy. They splinter and break easily in wet or windy conditions. Our large tasks today were cutting down a couple of other hackberry trees that had broken and become a problem. But this is one of my favorite trees on the place.
Not a very good picture of the tree, but you can see the enormity of the branches. It doesn't have the thick leaf coverage to provide the deep shade that the oak has. Notice the hole on the trunk to the left. I wonder whose home that is?
This is my son's dog, Oakley. Another nice feature of this tree is the pond beneath it's branches. Oakley is preparing to go for a swim.
Here's Waylon. One of my son's three dogs. I missed the picture of all three of them together. So you have to see individual pictures of the dogs. See how large the shade is? Waylon, watching his mother swim.
And there's dog number three, Trigger. He's a sweet heart. He seems to be a watcher, he's usually sitting and watching. I'll not have a photo of the tree from outside the shade. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of the tree's profile.
And here is what we do under our favorite trees, we bury our dogs. This is Aussie's grave. We loved Aussie for fifteen years. He is the reason my son has three Australian shepards. He loved that dog! Aussie died Nov. 17, 2007. Ah, to live like Aussie. What a life. He made every step across that valley that I ever made during his 15 years here. He never barked unless it was absolutley necessary. If he did bark, you knew it was important. He was quiet, respectful, patient and loving. He rests under the shade of this beautiful tree.


  1. I could have no regrets if the words on my headstone read: “She was quiet, respectful, patient and loving.”
    I love the photo of the watcher, Trigger.

    1. Yes, to live your whole life and be remembered in such a way. Thank you. I missed a great shot of Trigger and Waylon sitting and watching, last weekend. They were side by side. Will have to be keep my eye out for that again!