Sunday, October 14, 2012


My oldest boy doesn't like to have his photo taken, by his momma.
Here he's hiding on the tractor with another favorite boy who calls himself the 'ass rider'. He's gone off to northern Oklahoma to work. I hope he finds his way. I'm sure going to miss him and his mules.
This is my boy's boy, on the left. He's lovely like his daddy.
That's a cousin on the right, he's a great boy too!
My boy's two little boys, just a few years ago.
Posting on my blog is something I rarely do anymore.
Not that I don't want to, I often think of it, but just don't take the time.


  1. Hi Holly!
    Love this post. Your boys are great and the pictures are wonderful.
    Happy to see you again. It sure has been awhile. :)

  2. Hi Lynda Grace! Thank you! Yes, my boys are all fantastic! Yes, I so miss being on the blog site! I'm going to have to try to "do better"!!!!