Sunday, July 1, 2012

Finally finished along with beet greens for dinner!

A year later, I've finally completed my project of painting some of the brick on the exterior of the house. My husband, the Bear, is a brick mason, so we had to have a brick home when we built. I, the one who makes things complicated and difficult, wanted some contrast. The solution was to paint the walls on the porch. Break up the red brick pattern a bit. This is the inspirational house that my brother found to create my vision. Keep in mind that painting brick is against all law and code in the brick mason world.
The picture below is my house, after the brick was painted. My husband suffered quite a bit of trama, but I think he's getting used to it now. He said it was like graffitti or defacing art work. But I just had to do it!
Now I have to decide whether to paint the doors a deep red or keep them white.
I'm happy with decisions to paint, maybe because once you paint brick, you can never go back to the original. But seriously, I do think it "breaks up the brick" and gives me the contrast I wanted. I'm so trying to achieve the look of an "old house".
Saturday we traveled to the farmer's market, oh what a treat. We came home with all sorts of goodies. Tiger melons were a new fruit we tried. We bought vegetables to substitute what we didn't have from our garden to make vegetable soup to freeze. I made 7 quarts, and it's lovely, but I have no pictures. Then we finished off the night with steak and fresh vegetables. Also fried the beet greens with little onion in bacon gease. Yummie!
I would have found a more photogenic plate, but was not planning on taking a photograph, until I saw those beets and greens together! Thank you to all who participated in providing this food!


  1. I love your front porch. I say go deep red for the doors.
    Your meal looks yummy, it’s making me hungry.

    1. Oh yeah Lynda Grace! That's exactly what I wanted to hear! I'll let you know when i get it done. Thank you, it was scrumptous! I hope you had a good birthday today!